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Almost Inciting / Almost Fightful:

by Amy Zidell

The FIRST impeachment Senate trial of 2021 begins the week of February 8, 2021!
If you are someone who identifies people, constituents, voters, asslyum seekers, viewers, audience members, customers, users, corporate executives, followers, or other category, you are probably exhausted scrambling to see what check boxes you can declare 1st about. Unfortunately, for the rest of us 99% who are not the 1st, unlike the NOVEL Corona Virus aka (also known as) COVID19, political theatre is older than the organic material that is decomposed previously breathing residents of the earth, aka Dinosaurs, which happens to form a substance of reliable energy even on a cloudy day.

Something else not novel is communication. You might not be aware that communication cannot exist without mis-communication. (To be clear, I am not going into gender identity matters in this piece.) Verbal, written, visual communication consists not just of words, or symbols, or sounds. There is cadence, there is accent, there is delivery. They are all just parts. We must also factor perception of both the sender and recipient.

G'd recognized that if everyone completely understood everything it could lead to really bad stuff. Imagine if a few controlled all communication -- some phrases come to mind:
Big Tech Oligarchs
Lack of Privacy
Loss of Freedom
Imagine if everyone knew everything about everyone all the time from first words to deleted tweets to weird dreams. Yikes, that's creepy and leaves all very very naked. The wisdom of G'd tumbling the Tower of Babel and jumbling communication into different languages makes such common sense.

As does the wisdom of the founding fathers of the United States of America in establishing a first of it's kind country that did not have royalty. No king, no queen. A country of the people by the people. A system of government that, even void of any swamp dwellers, is not designed for speed. Stable society does not have a need for speed. (I'm not getting into executive orders at this time.) So no matter who holds the majority, members of congress and the senate, appear as one might picture the biblical folks who one moment could communicate with anyone and the next moment are jumbled and can't understand one another. To where the President of the United States of America raises the question of, what the definition of what the word "Is" is. Oops, that's from a previous impeachment trial. I'm not going to touch any depraved novelty of that here. The raised issue I will cover is that a common communication tool, that being, words -- most have more than one definition. Even IS. In case you were not certain, that is part of MIS-communication. Homophone words that are pronounced the same but are spelled differently and mean different things are fodder for another piece.

When communication is delivered, and perceived, it is then interpreted, not to mention context, exaggeration, literal, misspeaking, intended meaning. Talk about word jumble. Oy!

Years ago, I was attending a little league baseball game of my nephews'. As the young adorable team was making their way to the field I chimed in with some motivational communication. I don't recall my exact words but better 50% chance it was, "Knock em dead." Or it could have been, "Win it!" Or, "Wipe the field with them." Or, "Fight like a Tiger." Or, "Play to win." Or, "Fight On." Hopefully I have presented the gist.

The mother of a teammate, for all I know her name could have been Karen, approached me and brought to my attention, "It's more important that they have fun."

In a matter of milliseconds, running through my head was communication strategy war room. Representing the family, I knew that I could not express myself freely in response. I knew that I would not be dealing with the consequences of what I might say. It would be my sibling and sibling-in-law who would perhaps be at a team meeting or other related activities with possible Karen. I remember exactly what I said and how I said it. I smiled and I said, "It's a LOT more fun when you win."

I don't remember if they won that game.

Fast forward to a few years ago, I wouldn't be surprised if that mother was in Washington D.C. wearing a knitted cap in shape of biological female genitalia and cheering on when Madonna suggested her preference of doing something at the White House that would normally be attributed to war zones. I am not going to repeat what the pop singer said here. It did not seem a hidden message 'Dog Whistle'. Suffice it to say that what was said was blatant and seemingly would not require any interpretation. Who said what does seem to make a difference. Out of someone else's mouth the same remarks might have been treated as a threat.

Back to the present, and impending impeachment trial. While I have not read every transcript, nor heard replay of every speaker who communicated at a large rally in D.C. on January 6, 2021, I have heard and seen several clips and re-reading of transcripts* of President Trump saying, "I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard."

*See video of and read transcript here: CSPAN video and transcript.

It seems more than mis-communication. It's mis-something because I had no idea that 'peacefully 'and 'patriotically' were so-called 'Dog Whistle' words or phrases connoting hidden meaning of unlawful activity, let alone riot.

What's mean is that representatives of the people are spending time, energy, resources, our tax dollars on political theatre rather than doing the job they were elected to do. Unless they weren't really elected. If not, should they be ejected? Don't hold your breath their statues will be erected. Then again non-novel political theatre could be a real riot, much like live comedic theatre can be seriously highly amusing. Hmm, communication can be Almost Insightful / Almost Fruitful.


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