Almost Listening

by Amy Zidell

While I'm not on vacation, I thought it important that someone who actually listens to Dr. Laura regularly comment on the recent news and events surrounding her, her show, and the non-renewing of her current contract.

Many supposed professional journalists, who have freely voiced their personal animus and biased "reporting" also demonstrate complete unfamiliarity with the program or incident. They offer no apologies to anyone. In this situation, Dr. Laura made a mistake and she apologized.

Beyond the debate of the use, misuse, and abuse of a derogatory, inflammatory, castigatory word, my commentary will focus on another word: intolerant.

I don't think a single detractor of Dr. Laura omitted the word intolerant. Let's see, Dr. Laura is committed to intact families raising children. She doesn't think children are best served by moms having multiple children with multiple men, without bothering to marry. She doesn't think that bio-dad sperm donors producing children with multiple women are the definition of fathers. She doesn't believe shacking up, i.e. living together, is a successful stop on the road to a happy and successful marriage. This belief is statistically based. Dr. Laura doesn't believe that changing sexual partners like some people change their shoes is part of the recipe for personal well-being or self respect. Dr. Laura believes the key to a successful marriage is to 1.) Choose wisely and, 2.) Treat kindly. For those who are not familiar with her philosophy, she DOES NOT suggest a husband or wife stay with a spouse who is an Abuser, an Adulterer, or Addicted. Oh the horror!

Actually, Dr. Laura is intolerant -- she's intolerant of people hurting kids. She's intolerant of people creating chaos in kids' lives. What a horrible, horrible evil person. Perhaps, maybe, more people should be as intolerant as Dr. Laura.

[Epilogue] Another point to clarify. Dr. Laura has PhD in physiology. She is correctly referred to as a doctor. She never has claimed to be a medical doctor, and frequently will tell callers asking a medical question, that she is not a medical doctor. Additionally, some calls deal with legal matters and Dr. Laura recommends people needing legal advice contact an attorney, as she's not an attorney either. She is a licensed marriage and family counselor.

Dr. Laura

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