Almost Saber Rattling?

by Amy Zidell

Mid June brought reports of a truce between Israel and Hamas. This France diplomatie posting details it clearly. Any progress is good. Maybe Hamas will understand that a truce means that you DON'T fire rockets into Israel or blow things up. I had an observation when I heard about the newest truce attempt. Recent reports of Iran's repeated threatening missile launches prompts me to post this observation now.

You don't have to be pro-Israel to be disturbed by Iran's presidential mouthpiece Ahmadinejad talk about wiping Israel off the map. Indeed, you would need to be anti-Israel to find comfort in such statements. However, if one is to give such threats validity, let's also give the same validity to the argument that Islamo-facist-terror is the cause-celeb of the plight of the Palestinian people. These statements are mutually exclusive.
See, if one is to wipe Israel off the map wouldn't Palestine be wiped off the map too, and its people as well?
Let's not forget, Israel is a tiny country.

Which statement has credence? Either the Palestinians have a legitimate plight, used as justification for terror across the globe, or one of the great defenders of the Palestinian people wants to blow them up. Gosh, with friends like that, who needs enemies with WMD?

The anti-American/anti-Israel lobbies are deft purveyors of carefully parsed propaganda. It would seem these recent aggressive actions have either revealed as pretense the Palestinian plight or have reduced saber rattling to meaningless twinkle stick* waving. [See photo below.]

ahmadinejad_twinkle stick
Ahmadinejad's Twinkle Sticks at the UN

[Of course this brief posting only begins scratching the surface of this subject. There are other examples to explore. For one, What would happen to the Temple Mount? Guess it's not as important as some would like us to believe.]

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