Are You Going To Wait Until There Is?

by Amy Zidell

This is a question I ask of Speaker Pelosi and democrats who oppose common sense border security simply because the President is Donald J. Trump.

Let me put this in context.
Despite countless examples of icon democrats: B Clinton, H Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, and more --
voting for and speaking on the problem of illegal immigration more aggressively than President Trump, they now claim, "There's no crisis."
They are wrong. That is not true. That is what is referred to as a LIE.

One American, one LEGAL resident murdered, raped, or assaulted by an illegal alien -- is a crisis.

Years ago in Junior High School, in a class, the class was held after school because one kid was passing a note to another kid.

My mother was in front of the school ready to pick me up. She waited in the car, and waited, and waited, and waited. She saw other parents pick up their kids; saw some kids walk home. She could not find me. My mother became very worried. Meanwhile, I and fellow classmates sat trapped in a classroom by a teacher who thought punishing the whole class for the wrong doing not following the rules, by one, maybe two kids in a class was just.

The door to the classroom swung open with the strength of a category 5 hurricane and my petite little mother found me and rescued me from the classroom. Then, on a mission, with the intensity of Seal Team Six getting Osama Bin Laden, my mother marched to the administration area and demanded to speak to the principal.

With support staff looking on like deers in headlights, the large barrel chested principal man, physically towering over the combination of my mother and me, stood in front of my mom.

My mom launched into the principal more impactful than high-level intelligence agents administering water-bordering on a terrorist. It went something like this, "How dare you keep my child after school without informing me! Children left out after school are alone and at risk and danger. No one is there to protect them. Anything could happen to them."

The principal replied typical of incompetent bureaucrat caught in mismanagement, "We haven't had a problem before."

Then with the wisdom and power of a devoted mother, a mother grizzly bear, my mother asked, "What? Are you going to wait until there is?"

Then, in a spin never experienced by gold medal Olympic figure skaters, my mom spun around, the principal left speechless, and with me nearly flapping in the wind behind her, stormed out to the car, and I was safe.

So Democrats, let's say Americans give you the benefit of the doubt and believe your line, "There's no crisis."

We ask, "What? Are you going to wait until there is?"


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