He IS Running
While looking for another previously posted article, I found this perfectly pertinent posting from 2011.
True then, true now. Maybe it should be retitled to 10 Reasons Trump SHOULD be president.

Almost Running
10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Should Run For President
by Amy Zidell

After seeing numerous appearances of Trump's I Might Run tease tour, especially his interview by Bill O'Reilly on Fox News, I am enthusiastic about Trump running as a Republican Presidential Candidate.
Here are 10 reasons why Trump should run for President.

1. Trump is enterprising.
As an entrepreneur, Trump embodies the spirit of American exceptionalism. The American President should be someone who recognizes and embraces the opportunities our nation represents.

2. Trump is successful.
Success breeds success. Trump has real world experience managing people, budgets, and businesses. His fortune means less time fund raising and more time campaigning on the issues. He has the ability to get to the work of running a campaign right away. He knows how to build things, literally.

3. Trump is decisive.
Trump is a decisive leader. Those of lesser leadership skills will be shown in stark contrast against Trump.

4. Trump is charismatic.
Like him or not, he is compelling and commanding. He is a serious businessman yet wildly entertaining, a rare and valuable combination. Trump will bring an exciting, motivating candidate for Republicans. His presence will help the entire ticket.

5. Trump is tough.
He will stand up for the country. He will stand up to OPEC and China when appropriate. He can stand up to Soros. He will not get pushed around by pushy reporters or politicians. Too many politicians get pushed along a false narrative posed by reporters or opponents. Trump will call out bad premise questions and address the truth of an issue. I'm sure he doesn't like it, but he really could care less if people make fun of his hair.

6. Trump is not PC.
Trump speaks what is in the minds of many American's whose voices are stifled by Political Correctness. Political Correctness undermines common sense. Reality and common sense are not always PC or polite.

7. Trump is confident.
He is not apologetic and has no reason to be so. When Trump walks into a room, he knows, odds are, he is the most successful, smartest person in the room. If not, he would probably hire whoever is smarter or more successful. The media seems concerned about the prospect of a candidate who doesn't grovel.

8. Trump is clear.
Trump is clear and concise. He doesn't take more words to get a point across than necessary. He doesn't fish for an answer and take you on the fishing trip. He answers. His objectives are clearly stated. Trump in a debate -- priceless.

9. Trump is smart.
He is knowledgeable. Trump is book smart and street smart. The American President should be smart in both ways. Trump has understanding of a theory as well as the knowledge of it playing out in real life.

10. Trump is: winning.
Unless you run for president yourself, you will never find a candidate who you agree with 100 percent. Ultimately, two essential questions to ask about a candidate are whether they can do the job and if they can fix what's broken. In Trump's case the answers to both questions is a resounding yes. That makes him winning.

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