Proposed Immigrant Exchange Program - PIE-p (pipe)

by Amy Zidell

Donald Trump is almost correct that no one would be talking about ILLEGAL immigration if it weren't for him. It is talked about, but no one would be talking about the topic nearly AS MUCH if it weren't for him. One oft repeated conundrum that is always aired: What about the 11 million* already here?

I must have heard about an exchange program for students on the news and the answer was made clear. It is a very simple plan and most importantly, it's fair: It is an exchange program.

Here's how PIE-p works:
The program will match each potential immigrant waiting to LEGALLY immigrate to the United States with those individuals in the country illegally.

PIE-p can be implemented using two primary and already existing processes. Employing a system like that which Airnb uses for connecting travelers to personal residences available for rental is one part. The other part is incorporating a system used in highly sought after foreign exchange student programs.

Once every approved potential LEGAL immigrant going through the legal immigration process is situated, then, those who entered the country illegally can get in line and start the LEGAL immigration process themselves. These individuals, now newly part of the LEGAL immigration process, will of course be responsible for fees, penalties, and estimated back taxes.

So there it is -- an immigration reform policy that respects those respecting our laws and borders, treats everyone with dignity, and introduces diversity to 11 million people, give or take.

*The estimated number of those in the country illegally varies.

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