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Intended or Unintended THAT is the Question

by Amy Zidell

• Intended or Unintended THAT is the Question

[Prologue: While the world is looking at Ukraine what geopolitical slight of hand magic-act is distracting us from what?

Putin did not cross the Ukraine border when Trump was president. If that had happened there is no question that a President Trump's response would be very different than President Biden's response has been.

With Biden's nothing leadership, executive orders, and policy decisions there are either or both Intended and Unintended consequences. With table set as such UN, NATO, EU had no choice but to step up in big ways, which seems good even considering their faults -- no one or no thing is perfect.

You can observe the UN Emergency General Session and listen to member state after member state representative address the world and recognize the purpose and benefit of such an expansive and expensive bureaucracy. Like over priced health insurance or emergency food in a bucket, you hope you never need it, but it's awful nice to have it when you do.

So if at Biden's State of the Union address tonight he takes credit for the unifying response of UN, NATO and EU, yes he is to blame for a good amount of it.]

Intended or Unintended THAT is the Question
Whether tis novel to suffer the slings and arrows of discontent
at helm first term is reckoning
if promises made were promises kept.
If judgment right or just, or mind unbent
tis not first time the questions present.

Sad but true reality is bent.
Flaccid state head circumvents,
swipes away evidence of common sense.

Teleprompter utterance is not a fist.
Away kicked cans are never missed.
Without bus driver to persist
passengers take the wheel not to crash,
but to exist.

Lacking leadership coherence;
Afghanistan precedence provenance,
unifying global response consequence.

Filling void, irony or cloud lining silver
incompetence this time may
equal worldwide freedom defense.


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