Almost a Pig

by Amy Zidell
09.10.08, with minor tweaks 09.11.08
When I saw the headline online yesterday (Tuesday) about Obama's Lipstick on a Pig comment I thought, "Oh no he didn't." I clicked through to see the video clip and the first thought in my head, "He just called Sarah Palin a pig." I shook my head. I don't mind that much, as I am not supporting Obama, and this will not be helpful for him. I must say that I found myself offended on behalf of Vice-Presidential candidate Governor Sarah Palin. Of course, she's tough, this won't faze her. Alaskan mosquitoes are probably more of an annoyance to her than this.

While many in the news are discussing this insult as a sexist thing, I don't agree with that assessment. Frankly, I think that perspective borders on the insulting. The lipstick on pig colloquialism is not a sexist comment. Obama's use of this lipstick line is readily viewed as being directed toward Governor Sarah Palin because of self-described Hockey-Mom Sarah Palin's recent Hockey Mom quote that lipstick is the difference between a Hockey Mom and a Pitbull.

Now Obama and his supporters at once want us to believe that highly educated, words-are-important Obama said something purely innocent not meaning an insulting comment and that highly educated words-are-important Obama is brilliant. Both things can't be true. Snippy comments like this do not speak well of the man or his temperament.

I don't know whether it's fair to label Obama a sexist or not. I do know that at quick glance three recent examples of him being condescending or rude to women in addition to this lipstick crack. It's not just his words, but also his tone. 1.) There's the, "Hold on sweetie," comment to the female news reporter. 2.) There's his attitude when being pressed by Katie Couric. Compare his condescending tone during that interview to his tone with male reporters and judge for yourself. 3.) Obama's dismissing Sarah Palin, mocking her mayoral work and responsibilities.

Throughout my business life, I've encountered my fair share of misogynists - real male pigs. Men who just treat women with disdain. I don't recall any with the stores of seemingly readily available venom possessed by Obama.

Whether you thought the lipstick on a pig comment was calling Palin a pig or not, does this porcine comment raise a religious question? Pork after all, is NOT kosher for Muslims.

Wikipedia has a good secular page on religious restrictions on pork consumption.

Following the logic, a Muslim calling someone a pig is a far worse insult than a non-Muslim who just threw back a slab of baby-back ribs tossing the same pig insult out. Hmmmm.

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