News - Not News

by Amy Zidell


It seems that there's more and more news shows airing less and less news. Maybe newsrooms could work in a lottery system with each network getting different stories. Of course that won't work because each network often times reports different things about the same story. Maybe that's why it doesn't seem like news.

I hope I can clear up some obvious confusion about what is and isn't news regarding a completely arbitrary list of stories in the headlines recently and somewhat recently or potential stories inspired by those in the headlines.

  • Lance Bass going into space: Not News

  • NSYNC Band members lost in space: Still, Not News

  • Questionable paternity of Elizabeth Hurley's baby: Interesting, but Not News

  • Baseball Strike/Not Strike: Sports News

  • Public reaction to Baseball Strike/Not Strike:Not News, Opinion

  • Sunny skies in Los Angeles: Not News, Not Really Weather Report

  • Rain in Los Angeles:News

  • Reports on hardware and software companies making a killing selling rival local L.A. television stations ultra advanced, supersensitive technology systems that detect local rainfall:Business News

  • Discussion about possible military and/or other action in Iraq:Not News

  • Reports the U.S. and allies have secretly replaced the evil Butcher of Baghdad Saddam Hussein regime with a friendly, decent, democratic, freeze dried instant government: Not News, It's Secret

  • Reports the U.S. and allies have flattened the bad parts of Iraq:News that will seem Old because of all the Pre-News discussion.

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