Why Is It Up To Israel?

by Amy Zidell

In response to the headlines screaming: ISRAEL HAS '8 DAYS' TO HIT IRAN NUKE SITE and then the updated ISRAEL HAS '3 DAYS' TO HIT IRAN NUKE SITE blazing across the internet, and no doubt inspired by various on-air and hard copy news sources, a question screamed in my head. WHY IS IT UP TO ISRAEL?

Sure, Ahmadinejad, has threatened to wipe Israel off the map. This temporary acknowledgement of Israel's existence shouldn't distract from his threats and other denials.

A nuclear powered Iran is not just Israel's problem. Does anyone think that carrying out such existential threats would stop at the Mediterranean and Red Seas?

It was useful for the Russian's to publicly announce when they would be making certain deliveries related to Iran's nuclear ambitions. That way EVERYONE knows when this particular package would be delivered. You don't need any intelligence agencies to decipher an estimated delivery date that seems much like what you get when you order something from

Perhaps Russia understands that a nuclear-armed Iran is not ultimately advantageous. In the meantime, they'll sell some supplies and equipment.

I presume taking out this nuclear facility would require more than a drone attack. The U.S. has troops, pre-deployed if you will, in the neighborhood. However, U.S. military action would go against the current administration's policy of, "You'll be nice if we talk nice, right?"

What to do? What to do? Considering that Israel gets blamed for more things than President George W. Bush, maybe it makes perfect sense that this unpleasant task is assumed to be an Israeli responsibility. Give any day a few hours and Israel will be blamed for something. If Israel handles the Iran nuclear situation, those countries engaged in various aspects of Mid-East diplomacy can have plausible deniability, thereby remaining available for future Iranian connections.

Israel made sure that the nuclear hopes of Syria, and Saddam-run Iraq were quashed. This made the world safer for all, yet we hear more about making the world safe through efforts to ban plastic shopping bags. I wonder if the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) got thank you notes for their previous good-works?

Get your stationery ready.

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