Almost Elected

by Amy Zidell

I'm rushing to post my thoughts on the over analysis of Hillary Clinton's campaign. Anyone who knows me, knows there's little chance of me voting for any Clinton in any lifetime. Despite that, my interest of a fair election supercedes my personal political interests. I could not see one more headline about how the crowds to see Hillary are smaller than the crowds to see Obama without pointing out what to me seems obvious: The world KNOWS Hillary. Who the heck is Obama? It's perfectly logical that more people will go to see and hear someone they don't know. They're hoping they'll hear something concrete. So far it's a mystery. Hillary isn't a mystery. She's an open book. Some suggest women should always keep some part of them mysterious, unfortunately for Hillary's handlers, no one got that memo.

We know Clinton and because of that people know whether they support her or not. Would you trudge through the cold and snow just to reinforce that? Perhaps the New Hampshire voters are taking their primary primary position for granted.

And another thing. All this talk of change. I happen to love this country. I love my life. Could there be improvements? Certainly! Could there be more affluence? Absolutely! Are there things that are a work in progress that aren't yet complete? Of course! I don't see that WHOLESALE CHANGE is called for. An improvement, some careful tweaking here or there, maybe. We live in a democratic diverse nation full of opportunity. Why would anyone want to change that?

[Epilogue:] Perhaps 2008 will be the year I add the features of a blog to Almost Coherent. I'll have to see where my time gets spent. I consider that an improvement, not a change - especially in the way that the word is being bandied about of late.

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