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McCain Palin Yard Sign
McCain-Palin Yard Sign Status Report & Log
• November 5, 2008, approx. 4:42 PM - Sign Status 11 days: 6 hours: 18 minutes: 13 seconds:
Status: Status Fine.
Post Election Removal: Dried some tears and took the sign down. Feeling a bit melancholy.
Conclusion: Time will tell.

Click for bigger picture.

Previous status - FINE. [Final] 11 days: 6 hours: 18 minutes: 13 seconds.

Previous status - MODIFIED but STILL UP.

Previous status GOOD.

• October 30, 2008, approx. 2:32 PM - Sign Status 6 days: 4 hours: 47 minutes: 32 seconds:
Status: No change. Status Fine.
Slumbering Observation: Had bad dream that involved the yard sign.
Action: Woke up.
Conclusion: Stay away from herbal tea before bed.

Shocking things are going on in Chapel Hills, North Carolina to protect repeatedly stolen signs. Man attaches electric pet fence to McCain signs.
There's a video of the surveillance Web Cam. [Note to MAC users: This video is on the Breitbart Site, which crashes Safari, try the Firefox browser instead.]

• October 29, 2008, approx. 2:32 PM - Sign Status 5 days: 3 hours: 2 minutes: 49 seconds:
Status Check: Checked sign status in afternoon.
Observation: No impact from gardening services performed previous day. Unknown car parked next to sign.
Action: None taken.
Result: No change.
Conclusion: Sign is weathering sun, wind, and weed-whackers fine.

No armaments required here. However, in Warren Township, Ohio, Shots fired at teens vandalizing McCain yard signs.
No mention in the article if the teens where possibly homeless and trying to use the yard sign as a location for the purpose of registering to vote in Ohio.

• October 28, 2008, approx. 12:04 PM - Sign Status 3 days: 22 hours: 45 minutes: 18 seconds:
Status: No change. Status Good.

Thankfully, my sign is fine. However, in Galax, Virginia, McCain supporters and volunteers were pepper sprayed over signs.

• October 25, 2008, approx. 12:04 PM - Sign Status 1 day: 1 hours: 30 minutes: 47 seconds:
Status Check: Checked sign status on lazy Saturday.
Observation: Looking out kitchen window I see one (1) adult female and one (1) juvenile female walking together due east. Presume they are mother and daughter. Daughter appears to be between the ages of 11 and 13, mother between the ages of 35 - 45. The pair seems cheerful. As the pair pass the front lawn and cross the sign, the daughter sticks her tongue out making a, 'yuck' expression. She looks up at her mother, who grins. They do not slow their pace and continue walking through during this entire display.
Action: None taken.
Result: No change.
Conclusion: Child has been subject to liberal indoctrination bias in the home and does not understand the true meaning of diversity or tolerance.

• October 24, 2008, approx. 7:30 PM - Sign Status 7 hours: 56 minutes: 17 seconds:
Status Check: Checked sign status after sundown.
Observation: I note that sign has been moved approximately two feet (2') in an easternly direction to a less visible spot. Sign appears to be otherwise unharmed. I believe sign interference occurred some time between 4:00 PM and 7:30 PM.
Action: I moved the sign to as close to original lawn placement as possible. Original sign location is estimated as markers were not placed previously.
Result: Subterranean interference at relocation location results in slightly askew signage. Sign seems securely staked in ground. No further attention required at this time.
Conclusion: Neighbor friend is having a little joke.

• October 24, 2008, approx. 10:30 AM - Just put a McCain / Palin Yard sign up on my front lawn.
I admit I have concerns of trouble from those who don't support McCain.
My hope is that free speech is still alive and well in the United States of America.
Just for fun, I set up a counter and this page to track my sign. Click for bigger picture.

→ July 31, 2008 - Picture of Barack's cure for foreign oil dependence:

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